Everyday Leadership

UCCSlead creates leadership and service-based programs with the goal of developing engaged and ethical world changing leaders. Through all the UCCSlead programs, all UCCS students will have access to leadership development, campus and community connection, and an understanding of what it means to be an everyday leader.  

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UCCSlead Programming
  • Half-day transformational leadership experience open to all UCCS-affiliated undergraduate and graduate students no matter their discipline or classification. Students will learn who they are as leaders, gain fundamental leadership skills, and take first steps to cultivating their personal brand of leadership. Additionally, students will receive UCCSlead swag, free food, a leadership certificate, and a graduation cord.

  • Join us as we participate in community engagement and activism by volunteering in service projects that benefit and connect to the broader Colorado Springs community! Free food and transportation will be provided! We will start the day off with a breakfast bar in Berger Hall. From there, we will get on UCCS shuttles and drive to the service location of your choosing! After volunteering for 2 hours, we will head back to campus to eat some delicious food and talk debrief on how the day went!

  • Through interactive breakout sessions and an engaging keynote speaker, our conference will empower students to learn about leadership, share their leadership experiences with others, and connect with leaders on campus and in the Colorado Springs community. Catered lunch will be provided. Check out our webpage for more details on this year's conference and submission guidelines.

  • Ethical Decision Making

    Crafting Your Leadership Identity

    Communicating Through Differences

    Professionalism as Leadership

809 unique students served during the 2022-2023 school year

40.3% of students served were ethnically diverse

Collaborated with over 10 non-profits in the Colorado Springs Community