Student Life

Student Life at UCCS

What is Student Life?

The Department of Student Life is a student's hub for campus engagement and involvement. Student Life brings together student organizations, student leaders, volunteers, and activities under one mission of assisting students engaging with the larger campus and surrounding community, connecting to resources, peers, and services, and finding their sense of belonging and home for the next 4-5 years! Being involved at UCCS allows students to enrich their academic and social experience, while also finding life-long friends and community. With 7 highly committed professional staff members  and 12+ student staff with a variety of expertise, we can help you create the college experience you have always wanted! 

Student Life's primary areas of focus are student organizations, sororities and fraternities, leadership programs, student government, student media, new student transition, student activities, volunteer opportunities and student employment! However, our reach extends beyond those programs, as we are a student-led department that is supported by staff. We always remain open to feedback, available to meet, and willing to assist in your experience. We strive to ensure all of our programs, services, and functions help create inclusive communities and an overall sense of belonging. 

Student Clubs & Organizations

One of the best ways to get connected to campus is through Registered Student Organizations! UCCS Registered Student Organizations connect students through common interests to create memorable, meaningful experiences during their time here at UCCS.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Participating in Fraternity and Sorority Life at UCCS offers students a unique opportunity to forge lifelong friendships, engage in philanthropy and community service, and develop leadership skills within a supportive and values-driven community. 

Student Activities

Student activities encompass a diverse range of opportunities for personal growth and community engagement. From joining student organizations and clubs to participating in cultural events, leadership programs, and sports, students can explore their interests, build connections, and develop valuable skills beyond the academic realm.

Student Organizations

Student organizations provide a vibrant and dynamic platform for students to connect with like-minded peers, pursue shared interests, and contribute to campus life. Whether joining academic clubs, cultural organizations, or special interest groups, students can cultivate a sense of community, leadership skills, and personal development while enriching their overall college experience.

Stay up to date on what’s happening on campus!

Text the word “Students” to 71444 to receive a text message informing you about the FREE events we have on campus and other ways to get involved. Follow us on social media @uccsstudents on Facebook and @uccsstudents on Instagram.